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Not only were these people rude, and unhelpful, this very expensive under garmet did not fit in anyway close to the measurements. It was huge and there for did not work the way shapewear should. The material was far too flimsy ( nothing like SPANX) to do the intedended job. This is an email from the company :

We suggest you buy from another website because of your concerns, since we do nor resell garments once they have been tried on.

Our competition does. Question....who put the garment on their body before you received it fom them, since they take returns?

They don't just throw it away...they resell it.

Anyway our size chat is accurate, and the bracup stretches. if you want to order from us.

82 dollars, plus shipping, wasted.

It did NOT fit the way the measurements said it would and I was stuck with it. Shame on me, but don't let it happen to you. Buy Spanx!

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Thank you, I will try that!


Talk to your bank about doing a charge back especially since they said they would'nt accept a return. Your bank will take the funds back from them and give them back to you!

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